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Yay! We received TSA pre-check! Why applying for Global Entry makes sense if you travel often.

Updated: May 20, 2018

That's how Cheri and I feel when we get our boarding passes and we see that TSA Pre-Check stamped on them. We have been very fortunate in that the last 8 flights or so (except one) we have been (Click here to see rest of blog) favored by receiving TSA pre-check. (Hope "they" don't read this and take it away). We're not sure why but maybe it's because we fly so much?

Cheri and I are going to make this an every flight celebration by obtaining "Global Entry."

With this you receive TSA pre-check every time and when you fly internationally you will speed up your time going through customs. There are Kiosks to check in at international airports that are just for Global Entry flyers.

The process seems pretty easy and straightforward. You answer some questions online and then schedule an interview that is roughly 15 minutes. This is done at designated international airports. If you would like more information about this click this link to Travel and Leisure Magazine about Global Entry. Here is the U.S. Customs and Border Protection web site for more application information. If you fly often and internationally this is a great way to go!

You can choose between TSA precheck or Global Entry. There are several differences between the two. For one TSA precheck costs 85.00 for 5 years versus 100.00 for 5 years with Global Entry. Click here to see an article about the difference between the two. The extra 15.00 may be worth the difference.

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